An Experience That Can’t Be Beet!

the beetOn a gorgeous Sunday afternoon in October, what is better than enjoying a refreshing, light brunch to welcome this wonderful fall weather? We heard about The Beet Organic Cafe from some friends and decided that it was the perfect day to go check it out.

On this sunny Sunday afternoon, the subway wasn’t busy at all, so we made our way the three blocks from the Keele subway station, to an area in Toronto known as ‘The Junction’. We turned the corner onto Dundas St. and in the distance we saw a little deck, shaded by red umbrellas. That must be it. As we took our seat, the waitress brought over the menus, and told us about the daily specials. She has also brought over water with lemon in what looked to be an old-style milk bottle and two glasses. This was so cute and environmentally friendly; very fitting for the image that the cafe is going for. As we settled in, we looked around and took in the whole atmosphere of the cafe. Strings of lights lined the tops of the ceiling, and the music was loud but not overwhelming.

The menu was a perfect length. Promoting local and fresh, it offered a wide variety of options with the kinds of choices that would make any vegan or vegetarian’s mouth water. There was a helpful legend on the front of the menu displaying symbols that the cafe uses for their vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, wheat-free and sugar-free options. ‘The Beet’ offers an all-day breakfast, a selection of sandwiches and wraps, main entrees, desserts, and coffee and tea. To our excitement, we saw that they also offer freshly squeezed juices and fresh smoothies! We drooled over the many items, and discussed which would be the best way to go about tasting a little bit of everything. We decided to split a starter, get an entree each, and then get coffee after our meal.

The soup of the day was butternut squash and pumpkin soup, a perfect autumn dish. So, when the server came to bring our cutlery to the table, we asked her for a bowl of soup each to start. We also decided that we would order one of the “Huevos Rancheros” (for me), and one order of the “Buenos Dias Wrap” (for Allie). The server left us again, and we sat at the table not so patiently awaiting our meals.

It hadn’t even been 5 minutes when the soup arrived to our table. Garnished with grated beet and carrot, the soup called our names as soon as we set our longing eyes on it. We took one look at the masterpiece and dug right in. The soup was wonderfully warm, and the perfect texture. It was served with slices of whole grain toast and sun dried tomato pesto. Before we knew it we were scraping the bowl, with wide eyes and not-yet-empty stomachs, ready for our next course.

As soon as we were finished the last drop of soup in our bowl, the server came and whisked it away, returning with the entrees that we ordered. Ultimate bliss.

The Beet Organic Cafe is the perfect place to spend an afternoon enjoying the fresh, healthy food that our community has to offer. The staff are courteous and work well together to make the entire dining experience one that exceeds the expectations of its guests. ‘The Beet’ is a place that holds true to its values in how the business operates as well as the menu items that are offered. They can adhere to almost any food restriction, allowing an opportunity to be truly diverse and accommodating to all. If you’re ever in the West end of Toronto, be sure to pop in to The Beet Organic Cafe, even if it’s just for a quick smoothie, we guarantee you will not be disappointed!

– S

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