A Secret in Yorkville: Flo’s Diner

For me, Sundays are perfect for a lot of different things. Sleeping in, calling my mother, doing laundry, and of course trying out someplace new for brunch. Today’s venue of choice was Flo’s Diner. A secret little place nestled in the heart of Yorkville. Flo’s is the kind of place that you don’t know about unless you already know about it. So since I’ve never been there before, how did I find out? A long lost acquaintance from high school who happens to live in the apartment building next to mine recommended it as a place for us to catch up and reunite.

We walked a few blocks to a commercial building on Yorkville Ave. and my friend pointed out a small sign in a second story window advertising our destination. We took the elevator upstairs and put our names on the waiting list. It was about 15 minutes until a table freed up for us. When we sat down the server poured us some fresh coffee — one of the better cups I’ve had at a diner.

The menu was full of variety. I was in the mood for my regular fare and decided to order the “Blackstone Specialty Eggs”. No surprise that this is a glorified version of eggs benedict. My meal consisted of traditional benedict layered with roasted tomatoes and crispy bacon. The hollandaise was the perfect texture and overall I was very satisfied with the my meal.


I think the best part about Flo’s was the remarkably appropriate service. Our server knew the exact moment we needed a coffee refill, the food came out at an exceptional rate and his attentiveness was tailored to us perfectly.

I definitely recommend this place if you want to take your parents somewhere nice for breakfast or you’ve got some time to kill in a low key spot during the week. Order the specialty eggs or try another classic, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

– S


FLO’S DINER is conveniently located in the heart of Yorkville in Toronto at:

70 Yorkville Ave.
(Bay St. and Yorkville Ave.)
Toronto, ON
Telephone – 416.961.4333
Email – info@flosdiner.ca 

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