The Friendly Thai

This weekend my roommate and I were treated with the luxury of borrowing his parent’s car for a couple of days. We did some practical things like avoiding the transit rush and picking up some groceries but we also took advantage of exploring the city at our own pace. What began as an adventure to indulge in some vegetarian brunch turned into an epic Thai meal on Queen Street East.

We parked along the street and happened upon an adorable little restaurant called The Friendly Thai. It was a bitter cold Sunday so it was nice to get inside somewhere warm. The first thing I noticed was the décor. The interior was mixed-matched with a blend of different colours and textures. Green paint, stone, wood paneling and deep coloured accents made for a very classy feel.

spring rolls, Toronto, Thai, brunch, lunch, meal, Queen East

We were famished! After we chose a place to sit we each wanted to order something a little different off the menu. We decided to share classic vegetarian spring rolls to start. They were steaming hot and served with a sweet and sour peanut sauce. This app made for a perfect amuse bouche before our main courses were delivered. For our entrees, my roommate ordered chicken with peanut sauce and a side of rice and I opted for a chicken curry pad thai. Both portions were generous and delicious. I am skeptical about curry pad thai, it has to be the right balance of flavour and this one surpassed my expectations. I went in there so hungry but I couldn’t even finish my meal the portion was so massive. I got it wrapped up to go, which made for a yummy treat later!

The server displayed the perfect amount of attentiveness. She filled my water whenever it was getting low without me even having to ask her. She was very knowledgeable about the menu and brought out everything in a timely manner.

The Friendly Thai is in a very easy-to-miss location, almost lost among other larger stores on the street. But if you happen to stumble across it or would like to indulge in some exceptionally well-prepared Thai food I would definitely recommend it!

– S

The Friendly Thai is located in Leslieville/The Beaches in Toronto at:

1218 Queen St. East
Toronto, ON

The Friendly Thai on Urbanspoon


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